wheare your city id errea

Following the success of the first edition, Erreà continues with its research and experimentation by revisiting the line of vests inspired by the cities of Italian basketball. Exploring a new level of communication with the aim of developing new forms of expression, Erreà renews its City iD project, this time focusing on the world of creative lettering and graffiti.

The main feature of the collection is no longer the iconography of the city symbols, but their naming immersed in a new graphic universe of bright colours, street inspiration and a decisive change in tone. Once again in collaboration with its Top Teams from Serie A, Brescia, Cremona, Pesaro, Treviso and Venice, Erreà is creating innovative and iconic garments designed for the the pre-season and for use alongside the teams' matchwear and technical gear.

The result is a revamped City iD that experiments with different trends and means of expression, yet again paying tribute to the history of Italian cities and the country's most important basketball clubs.
This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Erreà's product development department and OTLN Outline Studio Milano which developed the personalized characters and lettering for each city.